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    Hi all,

    Have been off of Addiction to Rehabilitation for a long while pop by every now and again to see whos about but havn’t logged in in ages. :sorry

    Anyway things generally are pretty good with me and I have been doing ok with my anxiety, well ok in comparison to lets say 8 months ago. Long story but my anxiety “seems” to lead back to an event or chain of events 3 years ago which has been brought to the forefront of my mind and been aggrevated by my current job.

    Anyway had a fair bit of time off my work 5 months went back on a phased return and although struggling sometimes I managed to never actually have a full blown panic attack which is good for me. I came really close but didnt actually get there!! Then my pals dad died and it went all to pieces again I was hysterical very emotional and a mess!! This was 6 weeks after being back at work. Doc signed me off again for another 2 weeks and I am due to go back on Wed and am feeling a lot better.

    THEN my head office phoned me today to tell me they want a meeting with me on Monday, she was very nice on the phone and said she was just concerned as I had been off gone back and was off again. I tried to explain that it was because my base level of anxiety and over emotion was still a lot higher than “normal” and she said well that is all stuff we can discuss on Monday. There will be my area manager and my HR manager and little old me SCARY

    So as I’m sure anyone with anxiety disorders can imagine I am in a total state. Feel sick, sweat lashing off me, vision blurry, instant splitting headache, shaking heart beating like I have run a marathon and feel trapped (this is just great)

    Now my main concern is does anyone know where I stand, I know that if it is a discipinary I am entitled to take someone with me and they havnt offered that and I havnt asked (just in case I need to use a breach of rights if they ask me to leave) When I went back my doc wrote a letter stating that a relapse was probable and I may need to leave at short notice etc etc – they took me back therefore am I right to assume they agreed to those conditions and lets face it noone can plan a bereavement.

    How can I get through this weekend without freaking out on high anxiety till Monday as I don’t want to turn up a quivering mess so they ask me to leave

    Gee my head is a mess

    Sorry for the long post



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