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    To all my family and friends here at Addiction to Rehabilitation

    Bless You Friend

    Bless you, friend, for being there
    When I was feeling blue
    For your warm and thoughtful way
    So much a part of you.
    Bless you, friend, for words of cheer
    When skies above were gray;
    You gave me hope and made me see
    there’d come a brighter day.
    And when the clouds had disaqppeared
    And skies again were blue,
    You came and shared my happiness
    For you were happy, too.
    For all the kindly things you’ve done
    That proved your friendship true,
    Bless you, friend, it means so much
    To have a friend like you.

    Kay Hoffman

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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