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    So apparently, and according to the media, the GLBT community now has a new anthem: Lady Gaga’s latest single “Born this Way.”

    It seems preposterous that Rolling Stone’s gushing adoration for this song should suddenly herald a new era for GLBTs, along with the countless minorities that Gaga managed to cram into the song.


    I’m a Gaga fan. I had no idea that she’d be releasing her new single this weekend, so I had no preconceived expectations.

    The sounds are amazing, ridiculously catchy, but the lyrics are cringe-worthy. They’re literal and didactic. Don’t get me wrong, I dig her effort, but I personally would have much preferred a raw, less polished “anthem”. Still, she somehow managed to hide many layers within this sleek bit of pop.

    Maybe her current mission is to pass on the message in no uncertain terms, point blank.. and, in that, she succeeds. I suspect that this piece will be literally drilled into every single breathing human’s head until we can all finally accept that, well, we were born this way. There might be some merit in Gaga’s “keep it simple” approach: acceptance. I was born this way, deal with it.


    But GLBTs know that sometimes there’s much more to it than that. And, I should say as a recovering addict, initial acceptance can be harrowing.

    Any thoughts?

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