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    Hi everyone,

    Hope you´re all feeling Ok or better.

    I´ve been away for awhile because I had too many things to deal with and no time to work on myself.

    The place I bought last year turned out to need so much fixing, I feel overwhelmed by a new debt. I contacted a financial counselor by an agency run by the government and put everything on the table. We are working towards a solution, but I feel exhausted just by thinking about it.

    Anxiety and sleeping problems… the knot in my stomach seems to have a life of it´s own. Sort of like in Aliens.

    I have taken on more work to meet the new budget, so there is little time to do my artistic work and that makes me more sad than everything. My social life is suffering too, but I´m clean and sober and working at the gym.

    I just feel the strife is never ending, which means my mind is in a bad state. Like Scott Peck writes in “The Road Less Traveled”, problems are the norm rather then exceptions and we need to deal with it.

    Enough said for now…

    Love and light,

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