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    I suffer from anxiety (social & specific). It cause me a huge problem in my life. I completed 3 years in college (really was tough). During the last 2 years i wouldnt have been able to get through if it wasnt for xanex/valium.

    I used to take those relaxers recreationally. The amount i done was enough for me to feel relaxed the next day. I noticed that doing them recreationally, i was depevop a cravings for them. I soon stoped and started to use them less and more tacktfully.
    So i only take them when i need to. now it usually 2/3 a week. For example, i volunteer twice weekly and take them for that, if it was a social gathering like a christining etc. So at max i would take them 4/5 times (if occasions called for it).

    What i was wondering is this dependancy, becoming dependant or is it simply used as supposed to? :herewego

    Any feedback would be greatly apprichated…
    …CheekyAngel… :lmao

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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