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Detox….can it be done at home???2019-01-26T10:57:58-08:00
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    My b/f has been told that because he is not physically dependant on alcohol that he is no ‘priority’ for detox!
    I dont understand how they can say this, my b/f,s drinking is getting worse, more days of the week are taken up by it and he has recently lost his job over it.
    He has asked our local hospital if he can be sectioned cos he self harms and they said you need detox and when he goes and asks for detox they are basically saying no you dont need it and that they only have 2 beds for the whole of our area..
    How can they just put someone ‘on a list’ and leave them to carry on drinking??????
    Can he do it at home instead?? Anyone tried this at all???
    Im at my wits end and my b/f feels so let down with the lack of help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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