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    Here is a thread that i thought we could all benefit from.

    Have you made changes to your diet that made you notice improvements from your anxiety?

    For me a couple of things come to mind.

    1) I have cut out almost all caffeine consumption. This may sound crazy to some but i found caffeine just exacerbated anxiety symptoms. You may have noticed that “almost all” part of this.

    I try not to take any medication for anything if i don’t have to. If i get headaches i will just put up with the symptoms. If they get bad i may lay down in a dark room and rest my eyes. Or use a refrigerated gel pack for my eyes.

    When worse comes to worse i drink a soda. In a lot of cases my headache seems to dissipate without the need for an aspirin.

    This makes me feel good because i am reminded that i am not eating through Asprin for no real good reason. I know my body thanks me for that and its an extra perk! 🙂

    2. Smaller portions seemed to have helped me. That might sound goofy but i would feel like garbage when i used to eat the old amount. Not just full either. Sometimes i would get a “food hangover” which would then trigger anxiety symptoms. The small portions are recommended by experts i have noticed. The small numerous (every three hours or so) are also supposed to give extra energy throughout the day if they are healthier foods.

    Which leads me to number 3.

    3. When i was drinking i was eating pure trash. I can’t believe it sometimes. I’ve really overhauled the diet. I’m not a huge veggies guy… I’ve been trying but its been easier for me to eat more fruit. I would keep clemintines on my ice pack at work. The cold juice was so refreshing. Not only is the fruit healthy but that little time i could take at work to keep my mind off things was a bonus. If i got a little stressed then i would stop and have a nice cold clemintine. Sounds simple enough but it is another tactic i would use during my days.

    Changing up the diet has made me feel healthier which has in turn made me feel more positive. It was like a domino effect that seemed to lessen anxiety.

    I figure the more areas we have strongholds over.. the better grasp we have on this anxiety thing! Hope that makes sense. Sometimes i word things poorly.

    Anyways i am looking forward to hearing from you guys

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