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    Along the lines of Permanent Midnight and Drugstore Cowboy- Jesus Son (book by Denis Johnson, movie was OK. Definite narcotic tailspin and the movie included recovery.)

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    The Days of Wine and Roses
    My name is Bill W
    Are my favorites

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    “The Boost” with James Woods was a good movie, sadly he did not recover in that movie. Woods also played Bill Wilson in “My name is Bill W”.

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    Things We Lost in the Fire (really good)
    You Kill Me (funny in a dry way)

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    When a Man Loves a Woman- Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia
    Loveit! Makes me cry at the reality of it!

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    Try “Candy” with Heath Ledger. Turned out he had reason for being so good at playing an addict, sadly. This is a really good, harrowing look at what heroin can do.

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    1. Fight Club “Only when you lost everything….are you truely free”
    +Brad Pitt

    2. SNATCH (turn “Pikey” speak on) “Do you know what nemisis means?”
    +Brad Pitt

    3. Barfly “I don’t hate the cops…I just feel better when they’re not around”
    +Mickey Rourke

    4. Last Temptation Of Christ “Why should I follow you?”
    +Willem DeFoe

    5. Mosquito Coast “”A know it all…that’s sometimes right”
    +Harrison Ford
    ++River Pheonix (hottie hot)

    6. Trainspotting (USE subtitles!) “He lacks the moral fiber”
    +Euwan MacGreggor

    7. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas “Oh…he’s my attorney”
    +Johnny Dep

    8. Ticket to Heaven “What’s wrong with you?”
    +ANYBODY that fears being brainwashed for a “greater” cause….

    9. SPUN “???????????????”
    +Brittany Murphy

    10. Requiem for a Dream “This is not happening…and even if it was…that’s okay”
    +Ellen Burnstyn

    11. Pollok “I AM NOT BRINGING A CHILD INTO THIS!!!!!!!!!!”
    +Marcia Gay Harding
    ++Ed Harris IS POLLOK!

    12. Harold & Maude The whole script is awesome……..
    +Ruth Gorden as the MOTHER of “Cougar”

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    Salton Sea.
    The Bad Lieutenant.
    Man with the Golden Arm.

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    Boy was that one movie there tuff to watch! I had to turn it off the first time…then watched it again later…GREAT MOVIE. Harvey Kietell (spelling wrong) IS THE MAN! Talk about hitting ROCK BOTTOM!?! That poor guy went thru the wringer and took everyone in his path with him….didn’t get enough praise fer that film. Guess the whole full frontal nudity thing just scared the hell out of everyone. I had a heck of a time with the nuns getting raped in the church….FREAKED ME OUT! But…it was part of the disturbing story line. Funny how we get where we are today. I was also watching the John Adams story on HBO…where they tar and feathered people back in the good really old days. BOILLING HOT TAR…then the mob threw feathers on the poor fellow…then stuck him on top of a big log…and marched his twitchy body all through the town squares. AND I WAS ALL UPSET ABOUT GETTING THROWN OFF SOBERCIRCLE!?! YIKES!
    Anyhow…our countries fore-fathers were a ruff bunch. And can we talk about what the WOMEN had to go thru?!?….BEFORE THEY WERE BURNED AT THE STAKE?!!! DOUBLE YIKES!!
    Anyhooo…Stay clean and SOBER…just for today…all day…ONE DAY AT A TIME!

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    not sure of the exact spelling/title. very , very, good ,very graphic, anti-drug movie ,shows the horrors of drug addiction. requiem for a dream ?

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    When I watch movies like “Bad Lieutenant” I find myself amazed that the drugging life in the kill zone was that bad. At the time of my using I thought I was having fun with being whacked out crazy and all the stupid stuff was normal. Then I see drugging movies sober I start to think to myself, that crap is not so normal after all. For some those movies have no recovery value, to me there are like a new brick-wall-101.gif perspective.

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    I watched a movie called Citizen Jane a couple years ago….it gives an interesting spin on addiction recovery. It also deals a lot with abortion issues. One of those food for thought movies…

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    I’m dancing as fast as I can

    I think it’s with Jill Clayburn (?), she’s addicted to valium….watched it over 15 yrs ago in treatment…..

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    Was that the movie with that peanut mouthed actress…umm..from Wild At Heart? What was her name?
    Knew some cats back in high school that huffed their way…though HIGH school. Shiny silver noses and all….heres a thought…ONE of ’em went on to be a PUBLIC DEFENDER! Now THAT’S NEAT-O!

    Well…Laura Dern…that’s her name. RIGHT. Good movie.

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    I was looking for suggestions on recovery movies.Or movies about alcoholism and addiction.Not all these movies have happy endings.Any more suggestions would be appreciated.Thank you.

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