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    That was the question my precious little granddaughter, Kaileigh, asked me at 4:30 this morning on our way to the babysitter.

    we had been discussing how God made the Earth, Moon and how rain is made, and then she said “Does God make people die?”

    Whew – talk about really make you think especially that early in the morning – so i said a quick prayer and said . . .

    “Well this is what I believe. . .God made our bodies, but they aren’t perfect – they aren’t meant to last forever ~ some get sick like Momma’s did, some grow old like great-grandmas and great-grandpas, some die in accidents – their bodies just can’t make it thru everything and then they go to Heaven.”

    Then she asked “what kinda food do they have in Heaven?”

    I said “I believe according to what I have read in the Bible that there are no tears, no sorrow and no pain.”
    she said “what is sorrow ReeRee?”
    I replied “that’s when your heart hurts so much you don’t think you will ever get better”
    she said “oh yeah i know what that is” (just a side note – I hate that a 7 yr old already understands that feeling)
    Then I said “But if that is true then everything in Heaven will be good – good food, no pain, no hurting, no sadness, no tears”

    She said “But I really miss Momma”

    “I know you do my sweetheart, I really know that you do.”

    and i just held her hand and let her hug my arm as tight as she could and didn’t say a word – she needed time to feel her pain. Then I said “If you want we can take a softball picture to the graveyard for you to put up for Mom.”
    “Reeree, it will just get ruined”
    “Oh well – we have plenty and I can always just make another copy if we need one.”
    “Ok cool that would be good”

    Grief – just like the disease of alcoholism/addiction – it is no respecter of age, person, position, wealth, or anything – heck not even the time of the morning.

    She’s missing her Mom and it’s been about 3 weeks since her Dad has seen her –

    I’d say for a 7 yr old – she’s doing pretty good right?

    Dear Lord – I hope so!

    Thanks for letting me share this with yall – I really just needed to journal it out – felt like i had taken on her sorrow and pain – it needed to be released.

    PINK HUGS and prayers of comfort for those who feel the same pain.

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