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    You don’t wander around all day feeling moral and honest. You simply are a moral person. If you consciously felt moral you would be broadcasting it all day, explaining each act of honesty as a reflection of your feelings of morality. Instead, you simply are honest and moral and your behavior comes from within you. The same is true of your spirituality. Being spiritual is not an emotional accomplishment to praise yourself for. It is your way of being with God that is as natural as your health, morality, or even your artistic sense. Trying to feel spiritual is not the same as being it.

    When you attempt to feel spiritual you erect a barrier, because you are then introducing your ego into the picture. Ego wants to praise you for being more spiritual than those around you, and condemn you when others are more spiritual than you. Ego wants to explain and defend your spirituality, and monitor how spiritual you are feeling at various times and in many circumstance.

    By simply recognizing your connection to God, and inviting that part of yourself to consciousness, you are raising your energy level to the level of spirit. But if you make yourself a pawn in a game of “How mystical can I feel?,” you invite ego to assess how superior you are to others. Ego thinks that feeling more spiritual is equivalent to being in an elite classification and will begin to try to get more spiritual points than your opponents. It is that very elitist world of the lower vibrations that you want to leave behind. Don’t try to feel spiritual, just be it.

    Excerpt from:
    There’s A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem
    By Frank W. Dyer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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