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    My mate just had a baby and has invited people up to her house for a few drinks tomorrow night. I did well regarding drinking the weekend just gone by. I only had 2 glasses of cider on friday and then another 2 on sunday (no strong drugs, but i did have a few joints). I was okay bcoz i was only with two friends who i am less anxious around. This time its different, its a group of friends.

    My question is, is it okay to take a xanax instead for this occasion? But saying that, im afraid i will have a few drinks aswell, because the anxiety will still be present. Plus i have another issue im not going to discuss here, but it makes going there TWICE as difficult then what it would normally be just with the social anxiety. So please understand this will be a very difficult thing for me to do, if i even get the balls to go in the end.

    Whats your opinion, do i stick the anxiety out and have a few drinks, or do i take a xanax or two so i can actully sit there? Or what other options do i have? I dont know, all i know is i hate social anxiety, uggh!:headbange

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