Encouragment | Addiction to Rehabilitation
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    I found this worth sharing.

    Way down yonder by myself,
    oh I couldn’t hear nobody pray.
    African American Spiritual.

    Most of us have experienced, at some time or another, how a simple word of encouragment from another person can suddenly ease our labor. We may have been struggling under the burden of what seemed like an insurmountable task, weighed down by fear, depression, shame, or self-hate. Simple words of reassurance from one other person were all it took to turn us around. Hearing positive words from another gave us faith and confidence. We felt comforted, enlivened, and motivated to continue our efforts.

    We, too, have the ability to make a difference by speaking simple words of encouragment. We only need to remember how far we have come and to trust the capacity of our spirits to grow and expand in unexpected and positive directions.

    Today, I speak simple words of encouragment to others and to myself

    Glad Day

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