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    Hi Everyone
    I am a member of AA I got sober firstly in L.A. about 30 years or so ago, I had a slip because I was emotionally involved. I then got sober when I moved back to Scotland and I have been eternally grateful for this. When I lived in LA in the 80’s there was another Scotsman who was called Alex J from Glasgow. He worked as a car salesman and frequented meetings in N Hollywood, and Van Ness house as well as other meetings. He was a friend of Chuck Sparks from Chicago Illinois, as well as Brian who was a hairdresser in Hollywood area, I think near Fairfax Blvd and who eventually changed from the hairdressing profession to fulfil his dream of becoming an RN. (This may seem long winded but it is going somewhere). As I mentioned I came back to Scotland rather sad, and in order to survive I decided to put everything behind me and move on. I know I left my heart in Los Angeles but there was no way of going back being stubborn and determined, for the next x amount of years I tried to forget the pain of parting I deliberately changed my
    address and telephone numbers in order not to be tempted back. The lead to this is that only yesterday I discovered that my close friend Alex Jones had died of Cancer several years ago and I didn’t know. There are so many regrets running through my mind at this time that prompts me to write this e-mail. In fact I went to an AA meeting tonight in Scotland just to offer it up for him, my head is somewhere far away at the moment!
    I need a memorial or something about his parting that will make sense to me. If there is anyone who knew him or the others I’ve mentioned could you please contact me at cell phone 07590817847, dont know the international code for dialling scotland.
    Those Halcion Hollywood nights are running through the crevices of my mind. At times it was very difficult because of control issues and I couldn’t handle it, but nonetheless, there was love which has burned all these years, and the candle will continue to burn with a prayer from me that he may rest in peace. Please let me know if you know anything.
    Thanks for listening!
    Kind Regards,

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