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    Since I have tried to quit many times and always went back after a week or a couple weeks I didn’t want to say anything till I felt I had a real handle on quitting.

    But now I can say with full belief that I am now a non smoker! :dance8:

    Today is 43 days 100% completely smoke/nicotine free for me. In the past I have tried nicotine inhalers, “fake” cigarettes (looks like a smoke but is just a long filter to put in your mouth)..have tried “The Patch”, tried cutting down and tapering off…nothing ever lasted more than a couple weeks at best.

    I always heard people that had quit cold turkey and actually never believed that they could just lay them down and never touch them again. But I guess it just comes to a point where you are simply ready to quit.

    Because 43 days ago I got up one morning and tossed my last pack that had about 6 smokes left in it into the trash and I have not touched one since. I just finally made up my mind that since I am turning 40 this year I would either keep smoking and die with in 10 yrs of some nasty lung/heart illness, or I would choose to quit and live a longer life and not look back. I choose the later:c031:

    So far after 43 days I can actually breath a deep breath and not start coughing up a lung. I no longer cough that deep cough at night when I lay down, or when I laugh I don’t cough anymore. I can walk now without getting out of breath after only 1 block. My sense of smell and taste have both come back much better than they were before. I actually sleep better at night. And so far after 43 days I have saved $270.90

    So anyone else that is trying/thinking about quitting I say stick with it, you will be amazed how much better you feel.

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