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    Geez freya……’ve got me in deep thought today!

    Gay shoes……that’s funny. I haven’t heard of that one (except for may be the Birkenstock thing, which I own 2 pairs :lmao and my GF, not as girly as me, wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them! ). I might have to do some research on that, a Google search perhaps. I wear comfy shoes that I like. I guess because I’m wearing them, that makes them gay?

    I get stereo typed too — I don’t look gay enough. I’m a girly girl and I look like one, so I MUST not be gay. Gotta love it when some one asks….”So are you the guy or the girl in the relationship.” I just roll my eyes.

    As far as the other thread, I won’t speak for Indie but I think the idea was just to get more people involved……thinking may be people were missing the thread. It’s been very quiet around here lately.

    Spirituality – I’m afraid to speak on that subject. I don’t feel like I know enough about it or understand it much, at least not to talk about it but I do love what you said freya.

    I personally experience sexuality as very much connected to / related to spirituality —

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    I know I’m not the only one here, being that I’ve received PM’s from others. Other GLBT’s who want to know if other GLBT’s are here. I’ve also put a request in the “forum help and troubleshooting” forum of the miscellaneous section, for our own forum. Add your voice, be heard…come on out, the waters fine…


Viewing 2 posts - 661 through 662 (of 662 total)
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