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    Hi All,

    I’d like to first say thanks to all those have welcomed be to the board and have shared their stories. I’m here because my wife has an unadmitted alcohol problem and I didn’t know where else to turn.

    I didn’t realize it until I got here but reading stories from Alcholics struggling to recover is helping me see as much as sharing what I’m going through and getting responses to that. Thanks again to everyone

    With that said I wanted to voice my thoughts on God, free will and his healing power.

    I am a Christian and believe firmly in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I am an independent Christian, I tried different denominations but found that I had too many of my own opinions to stick to a certain denomination. My beliefs stem from what I read in the Bible and how He (God) shows me the meaning of his word.

    I believe that humans are slaves to sin, our ‘human nature’ is sinful. By learning what our Creator desires of us we work to fight against that nature. In God there should not be everlasting guilt, he is a God of forgiveness, but we MUST come to him and ask for forgiveness – and make every effort to change that behavior. He knows we aren’t perfect and does not expect us to be. One sin is not more or less forgiveable than another. There’s a story that explains this in a great way – the essence of the story is that a bride got a small stain on her dress on her wedding day. Since it was a pure white dress it was noticeable and had to be cleaned to restore it’s pure white glow. But what if it had been a large stain? It still would have needed to be cleaned to be pure white again. The same with our sins – small or large we must go before God to be “cleaned” – the size of the “stain” does not matter but we must be the ones to ask for it to be cleaned.

    I’ve reached a point in my life where God has shown me that if we put things in his hands that they always work out. This doesn’t mean that my life is all easy-going, all smiles and laughter. If it was, I wouldn’t be on this site right now… But if we put it in his hands he can take care of it. But we must keep our hands off! If you give clay to the potter and ask him to mold it he can’t possibly create a masterpiece if your hands are in there as well.

    I still stress, get depressed, mad, angry… but I don’t let it take me to the depths. I know it will work out. God has taken me through some horrible situations, whether I liked it or not at the time, I’ve always become stronger and learned some great lessons in the process. Sometimes I think that people go through things because God wants to use them as witnesses, to give testimony of his awesome power. His word tells us that he will never put more on us than we can handle so it stands to reason that the strongest ones will go through the most, it stinks but that’s the way it is.

    You might see people out in the world that seem to have no cares. They abuse all kinds of substances, sleep around, they are self-centered and rude and seem to be financially set. Many times it’s easy to say to ourselves “Why does he/she have it made? They’re not nice people? I try hard but always struggle”. Here’s the key… if they are already playing for the Devil’s team then he doesn’t have to try to recruit them. Satan recruits the same way many politcians campaign – rather than saying all the good about what he has to offer (nothing!) he tries to tell you how bad the other candidate is. Satan will try to convince you that trying to be good is worthless! It’s not worth the effort, the guilt, the struggle. He’s a liar. It’s worth everything we go through. And the longer we stay on ‘Team Jesus’ the more faith he has in us. We may go through more than ever, but he’ll always be there with us.

    I decided to share this today in part to encourage myself, everyone needs a pep talk now and then. My wife left me a week ago, due to her drinking. Hmmm, she’s the alcoholic but I’m the bad one, she left me?

    I’ve been through a lot and have learned to turn to God. As things got better I forgot to turn to him and say thank you as often as I had said help me. I have toe remind myself that God is always there with me and for me, not just in the bad times. I’m sure he feels like many parents, the kids are always there when they need something but are nowhere to be found the rest of the time.

    Psalm 55:22 tells us:
    “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.” Amen.

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