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    so has anyone done it and managed o.k? Right now my anxiety is at an all time high I have panic attacks while out, like for instance at the movies. I feel like I can’t do anything alone without having someone around to shield me or distract me. How do I go to AA like this?

    This sucks. I think that I have exhausted my resources here, I feel like my only choice left to beat this thing is AA. I am tired of anxiety dictating my life. Does anyone else have an issue with commitment or fear of? I’ve attended a few AA meetings and felt bombarded by certain people and it scared me off. I don’t like people knowing everything about me, or laying all their personal stuff on me. This may sound harsh but because of everything I’ve gone through, I am sick of being that shoulder to cry on now. I just want to get better and move on without having to sit through many, many sad stories. I don’t even want to tell my own..hmm..I hope you all don’t take this the wrong way. I guess i just have a hard time letting people in, I always get screwed or else I am too sensitive but I really am JUST SICK TO DEATH of my “drinking problem” and will go mths, or weeks without drinking then drink alot one night then it becomes more frequent and so the cycle begins..it’s like I think I am o.k and then boom there’s that damn alcoholic voice again!

    Please, I hope I haven’t offended anyone, I am not coldhearted, just tired..and at heart I am a server and a compassionate human being, but one can only give so much and then after awhile you become a little jaded I guess. I would LOVE to reach a place where I feel healthy and happy enough to give again and help others but not until I am better.

    anyways back to the anxiety, really I don’t think there is an answer here, just have to figure it out on my own…if anything Addiction to Rehabilitation is a great place to vent.

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