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    …particularly those with 1A strain.

    Hepatitis C drug treatments tested in Detroit could cure disease

    two three-drug regimens, both tested in Detroit, appear to cure most people of the most common type of hepatitis C in the U.S.

    “We’re closing in on a cure,” said Dr. Stuart Gordon, a hepatitis C researcher at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, a center of study for the chronic liver disorder for more than two decades. Gordon coauthored one of the drug studies, appearing in today’s New England Journal of Medicine.

    The cocktails consist of two new drugs: boceprevir from Merck & Co., and telaprevir from Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Each is paired with two drugs used to treat hepatitis C for more than a decade — interferon and ribavirin.

    Click below for more info.

    Hepatitis C drug treatments tested in Detroit could cure disease | Detroit Free Press |

    Although I will probably not be a good candidate for this treatment, I thought I would share this here for those who have interest. I have already undergone two previous treatments before this one and they had to abort on my second treatment after 36 weeks due to severe allergic reactions and nearly losing my immunity system. Neither treatment worked for me, and my viral load is now over ten million. But thankfully, my liver levels are back to normal somehow and my MRI shows my liver (which was once in fibrosis stages) is now clear.
    Only thing I can think of is either my liver is from Krypton or the fact I stopped drinking and drugging in 1987 sure seems to have helped. But they are speaking of this new one (which should be approved hopefully down the road) as if it is a ‘cure’ for about 70% of those infected.

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