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    Just a brief catch up for those unfamiliar with the story . . .

    We are raising our 7 yr old granddaughter ~ her mom passed away 2 yrs ago, her dad is an addict/alcoholic that gave her to us in Feb of this yr ~ he was unable to raise her any longer due to his disease.

    She has never had any type of grief counseling for the loss of her mom (she was 4 almost 5yrs old when it happened) and has her first appointment tomorrow morning and I AM SCARED TO DEATH . . .

    I truly believe she needs the therapy – to deal with all she has been through in her little years on this road of life but I also know that it usually gets worse before it gets better – ugh ugh ugh

    It seems we are just getting her settled in a routine – she seems happy, secure and seems to feel safe. I know she still miss her mom deeply and we talk about her mom as much as she wants to ~

    I just wonder – those of you who have experienced losses do any of you have experiences with children? Did the therapy help? Did it make it worse at first?

    We have talked to her about counseling and she understands as much as I think one her age can – but she doesn’t know that her first appointment is tomorrow!

    So just a little nervous about causing her more pain before she gets better – but I know that’s sometimes how it has to work right?

    Maybe I’m just venting – preparing myself for it – once again ~ This recovery stuff requires BIG GIRL Panties –

    Any other suggestions for tomorrow?

    Thanks & PINK HUGS to all,

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