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    Well I hate to admit it but it seems that sometime ago I think the the thing I was fighting for yrs happened. I GREW UP!! hahahaaha. All kidding aside, every month I go to a continued recovery group.The group im in is kind of special because we all came into the program about the same time. (give or take a week or 2) so needless to say we all know eachother pretty well. We even went as far as to take a really close look at ourselves and remember how we were acting around the time we had relapsed(before the group that is lol) what I mean is, we relapse long before we pick up that drug or dring and there are tell tale signs that others see, even if we dont. Anyways back to today. There are at any given time 5 or 6 different groups of sobriety on that floor and ours happen to be the furthest along. As I was walking to group today I passed someone who was very new to being clean and it surprised me on how fast I picked up on that. He was in the middle of explaining why he could’nt give a urin test and it was like I was reading his thoughts. Its kind of funny how we tend to use the same excuses just a different person. The attitude was there, the whole ball of wax. Then a funny thing popped into my mind.I said to myself, listen dude, just give them the dirty urin thats why your here. Not in a million years would I have thought that when I was using, hell who am I kidding, chances are slim to none that I would even be When the group was going I mentioned what I had seen(no names of corse)and its kind of awsome how much we grow up after you get some time clean. Its an awsome feeling and the ways I see it as far as living my life…skys the limit as far as wants and style..AS LONG AS I NEVER MAKE AN EXCUSE FOR GIVING A URIN. HAHAHAHAHAHA PPL, PLEASE HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY AND GOD BLESS. :a122: :c011::thanks

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