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    Today would have been Mandy’s 32nd birthday. . .

    But she passed away from an aneurism on March 26, 2009 – leaving behind a 4 yr old little girl and a husband who suffers from alcoholism/addiction.

    I had only known Mandy for about 4 months before she died ~ I had just started dating her father-in-law . . . she introduced me once as her father-in-law’s girlfriend, but hopefully soon to be her mother-in-law. 🙂

    She was a smart girl – a little over a year later – I married her father-in-law and became Mrs. Pink Acres.

    her little 4 yr old girl – is now about to be 7 yrs old ~ for the last 2 years she has been living with her father – he’s tried rehab, antibuse, etc and brought her pillar to post trying to raise her. She’s not had any stability, tried living with one other grandmother but wouldn’t stay ~ her life has been nothing but chaos.

    About 2 months ago, when her dad was pulled over for drinking & driving, we finally stepped in and said – enough! She has been with us ever since.

    We are raising this little girl – trying to help her establish a sense of stability ~ her grief is overwhelming ~ sometimes you see it in her eyes. . .

    She did well for a while, but recently she start crying all the time. . . even in her sleep.

    How do you help a 7 yr old grieve?
    The loss of her Momma
    The fact that her Dad is unable to be a father to her?

    How do I keep her away from all the negative influences around her ~ the people that say things that are so hurtful, so uneducated on the disease, so devasting to her little heart,

    How do I stop the dream that I keep having of Mandy saying to me – “Ms. Rita, please take care of my little girl for me?”

    I’m trying Mandy, oh Honey – I’m trying!

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