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    They are getting worse and happen every day. I had made it to 11 days sober then slipped. Now back on day three. I have no cravings, the thought of drinking makes me feel sick, but don’t know how to calm myself while in a terrible panic. It feels like I’m having a heart attack or something. My shrink won’t give me ativan anymore so I have nothing I can take to stop them. He put me on neurontin for the anxiety but it doesn’t seem to help anymore. Has anyone got any suggestions? I’ve gotten so desperate that I’m taking OTC sleep aids just to get that drowsy relaxed feeling. I feel like I’m in overdrive and can’t stand it. I don’t want to drink but want to dull this panic til I can’t feel it so much anymore. This is awful. I just want to go back to sleep but am too agitated to fall asleep.

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