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    Hey everyone hope all of you out there are doing well. So i guess i’ll start with my story. I’m 26 and starting drinking at about 14. My dad was an extreme alcoholic which was the ultimate cause of his death at 40something. I starting smoking pot at 17 and have been using booze and pot regularly since. I got into coke for a little bit less than a year i think but quit that. cigarettes come into play here and there, but also find it relatively easy to quit that also. i guess the main one i have issues quitting is pot. been trying to quit for years now. at least 4 or 5.

    As far as i can identify i use cause i’m bored. or i quit pot, then drink, then want to use pot since i used them simultaneously when i did use.
    this brought me to the conclusion that i must quit everything :/

    so this time i changed up my quitting order. i quit drinking first, then pot, then cigs.. it seemed to go well.

    initially pot was the one i aimed to quit, but the more i pay attention, alcohol seems to be my ‘gateway’ to everything else.

    I’m not too worried, well i guess i am, which is what brought me on here.
    I know what i need to do. I need to drop my acquaintances because up until now all my people are party people. literally all of them. I still live in a college town (just graduated) just to give you an idea.
    The good thing is i’m moving out of state in august and i see that as my start over fresh point. thats my opportunity to choose my friends wisely.

    anyway i guess what brought me here through random ‘sobriety’ google searches was i was feeling stressed out not because i had the urge to get high or drink, but because i had the urge to not sit at home alone. basically the urge to have a social life.. but the only social life i know and people i have to call are my party people.
    my friend called and invited me to ‘chill’ but i know how thats gonna end. i’m strong enough to stay away from it, but if its in my presence.. not so much. so i told her i was not up for it, point for me, but neverthe less i would rather be in the company of people than here alone cause i’m afraid to go out and party. sigh

    at this point the problem is i just dont know how to live a sober life.
    its not too much of a struggle to stay away from the substance, but the struggle is to stay away from boredom.

    anyway, i guess thats all for now. just ramblin basically.
    finding this site has distracted me which is good. i dont feel that anxiety as i did deciding to hang out with my friend or not. but hopefully i can make some new friends… quick.

    Have a great evening people.


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