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    just keep doing it…

    you will, when its time…

    xxo & blessings


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    S85, thanks for the reminder…

    “I came, I came to, I came to Beleive’

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    anne… nice to se you here, and a great question…

    for me what started me on my journey into the real of the spirit…

    i prayed on “listening” to the voice of my conscience…

    it was a daily battle between good and addiction… right from wrong… my twisted thinking…

    this is a sugestion i gave to a few sponsees… give it a whril… wad’a ya got to loose… ?


    1. List on the left side what you were taught, thought God was.

    2. List on the right side what you want God to be for you personally.

    3. When you are done tear it in half, from top to bottom, and throw away the left side.

    4. What you are left with is you’re personal understanding of a Higher Power- one you can feel comfortable praying to.

    all good wishes anne… and geeze, another anne… yikes!

    xxoo, bless… rz

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    @in_a_pickle 1383262 wrote:

    Ive been thinking about this a lot today, I’m in a similar position, what is my higher power?

    I actually believe that the universe is a living organism and therefore conscious. Universal consciousness is as far as I’ve got so far.

    That’s about where I am, in_a_pickle, and I’ve been comfortable with that concept for a very long time. Much longer, in fact, than I’ve been sober, though one thing has changed. I’ve developed a faith that I can draw out of it what I need, but the catch is, I have to feed it as it feeds me. I can only get so much on credit before I start paying it back.

    Peace & Love,

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    Look within, look at all the beauty in this world, we are all part of this magnificence and I hope you find what you are searching for.


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    When I feel a need to connect to my Higher Power, I watch a sunrise or a sunset, or walk on the beach, or listen to the birds wake up in the morning. Sometimes I walk through a forest and just smell the green and the fresh air.

    Or I take quiet time and light a candle and just sit still and listen. Sometimes I pray and ask God to lead me, to show me what I need to do.

    At first I just talked to God like I would talk to an old friend, and eventually He began speaking to me, sometimes through my heart, sometimes through a friend and sometimes through something I might read…even here.


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    I need a higher power and don’t know how to find him/her. Suggestions?

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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