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How can I or should I stay in BF’s life while he is in rehab?2019-03-17T04:00:51-08:00

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    I’ve lurked for a while, mainly on the friends and family section but I think I’d get better insight from people who have been in rehab. My BF is in a long term rehab center. I think it is close to 7 or 8 months there. I am respecting his space to recover but are they going to tell him to leave me? We got together during a sober time in his life then a brief relapse led him to rehab. I also want to be supportive and not abandon him.

    For those who have been in, What is rehab like? Do you get lonely and think of those on the outside? Would it help to hear from those people on the outside or does it make things more confusing? Does a person change that much if you knew them not drinking? I understand that the future isn’t certain. Mostly I am looking for insight as to how to support him right now. If it is better that I go completely silent for him then I will but if it is going to make him feel depressed not having contact and it would be supportive to hear from me then I’ll stay in touch.

    Either way I am fine with it. He treated me very well always and I’m not interested right now in dating someone else, I’d rather stay alone actually if he is gone because I think seeing someone else will really confuse me at this point. I am not the type to feel so lonely because I don’t have a guy. He is also my best friend. I know he is doing the right thing and I want to clear my head and not worry about him, stay focused on my life, and be supportive if it will help. I thought hearing personal experiences of those in a long term rehab situation would be very helpful. Thank you for reading this.

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