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    Yesterday, I went to the gym. I had a good session. I was well hydrated, had a good pre-workout meal and post-workout meal. I went to work and for the first 2 hours at work was feeling a bit off, but not so bad.

    Then, as I’m riding my bicycle to the next location, I start getting this feeling of ‘fullness’ in my stomach which then pushes on my lungs (Or so I feel) and I get a shortness of breath. Anxiety starts up, sweating, cold sweat. I get to my next location and I’m considering calling in to re-arrange my schedule so that I could go home (This is the part that makes me mad, that it interferes with work)

    I take a benzo. I go into work regardless thinking it will pass. It doesn’t. I lie down and my co-worker/friend says “Go home, relax. Or should I call a taxi.” I explain that I’ve been having this problem for years. She says her husband has to, but that the doctors haven’t been able to figure out why.

    On my way home I feel a bit crappier and crappier. When I get home, I change clothes. The feeling starts to go away OR the benzo is kicking in. If it’s the benzo then I’m guessing panic attack. But what if the benzo just masked some of the symptoms of perhaps a REAL heart attack or stroke.

    Stupid me, I go online “What does a stroke/heartattack feel like” I get all these Youtube videos. By this time the attack is gone but a part of me feels like ‘What if…’

    I have an early nights rest and wake up OK. I go for a short day at work (Took a benzo before work) and was fine. Last month I had blood tests done to check for all kinds of problems. None. I have a clogged vein on top of my foot (I banged my foot I guess). Doctors did echos on my legs to rule out DVT and also did more blood tests. No problems. Had my heart checked. No problems. Around June last year I had an MRI and no problems (At the time).

    My biggest fear is heart attacks and strokes and I do what I can to get into shape. No smoking, very little drinking, exercise, good food. I’m still overweight (Thank you effexor:tapping ) but I’m working on it.

    Can someone please tell me they’ve felt the same way? That they were alright? That it’s all in my head (Our heads)?

    I’m 32…so my age is something I like to factor in…but then I hear of people dieing (The WNBA player, 37, heartattack) and these things stay with me…I hate it.:react

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