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    I don’t know. It’s probably the anxiety, the PTSD is always there to don’t really know if it has something to do with why I want to just crawl in a hole. I posted three times in the last couple weeks with overwelming response. I should be happy yet I am so damned confused and scared and don’t know why. Maybe it’s work have been bashed all week by older seniorty women who decided amonst themselves a really physically demanding job to be mine as least seniority on the job. I can’t do it and asked management to handle it. Have been systematically picked on all week. Didn’t work for them so answer was them to send someone to say

    “It is my understanding you are perfect and better than the rest of us. Yet you **** up like the rest of us.”

    It really shouldn’t have bothered me at all but it does and inside can’t deny it.

    I did my job and wore a fake smile rest of the day. compemplating these devious menposal women. Avoided the bully/lacky they delegated to bully me into a really hard job not mine. So wierd as I posted a blog on my myspace that related 100% to this senario. Seriously it was just plain bullying and I didn’t cave after 6 of the cronnies decided to give me this take they themselves did not want to take.

    Really mad that I went to management and asked for clear printed clarification as to who’s job it was. All kinds of rumors flying over that one……………………….

    I caved I am drinking and sorting thoughts. I am home and have Saturday at least before work starts on Sunday again.

    Sorry just venting I guess. Don’t know what to say.

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