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    i’ve only been completely off opiates for 3 days (tapered off) and the pain is breaking me down, mentally and physically. I haven’t slept well and pain mixed with the whole sobriety thing is making me so depressed. So im skipping classes not eating or sleeping and stressing out the more i fall behind. I just started PT so pain management is not really and option because if i don’t feel the pain i don’t know if the therapy is the right kind and if its getting better. And honestly i don’t even know if disc bulging is painful in general or im just being a wimp. It makes me feel rediculous complaining about this when there are more serious and painful things that everyone is dealing with…..i know pain is subjective, my feelings are just as important..i think too much into this…ahhhh! ( drugs also got me out of my head lol)


    anyway how do you handle pain and actually function

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