Indigestion – Addiction to Rehabilitation
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    Hi all, Im on my 9th day of sobriety and would like to find out more from those with more experience on what I might expect or what I can possibly do to try and rebalance the damage I have done to my digestive system.

    Indigestion was a common symptom over my drinking years and has been an almost daily problem the past 6 months or so. Since I have stopped there is a definate huge improvement but its still there and last night I woke up with my mouth full of bile – I believe this is called reflux? Please correct me if im wrong.

    I didnt eat late, it wasnt anything adventurous – salmon fillet, jacket spud and salad – then some chocaberry melt down dessert (I know this is naughty but better than vodka right?).

    I used to be able to eat hot spicy food and not bat an eyelid – now if I want a curry I have to take indigestion tablets, drink milk afterward etc.

    Has anyone else had this problem and found it has gone away in time with longer sobriety or is it something I need to speak to the GP about sooner rather than later? My plan is to get at least a month sobriety behind me then go to the GP for a check up – he has seen me in and out too much over the years for him to take me seriously now until I show I can get some proper sober time in.

    I would appreciate any information regarding problems such as mine and any other of the common ones and how they have improved/developed/been treated over time.

    I also have issues regarding weight gain but I think i’ll do a separate thread for that another time – dont want to overload my brain now its finally being allowed to function on its own again.

    Many thanks.

    PS x

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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