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    If you are interested in:
    learning more about the Big Book
    Gaining a clearer understanding of what each passage means
    Understanding how to apply the Big Book to our lives
    Develop a better basic knowledge of the Big Book

    Why not check out our Big Book study?

    Each chapter has been broken down.
    In this study you will find the page number, sentence number, and quote from the Big Book as well as an explanation of what that passage is referring to or how it applies to us.
    You will also find historical notes, definitions, and summaries of the key individuals who helped put AA together.

    I do hope you will take a moment or two check this out. And if you do I hope you find it as useful in your recovery as I have.

    Here is a link to the area in our forum where the Big Book study is:
    http://www.Addiction to

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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