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    Even though I think of myself as an open minded, tolerant, and well thought out person, I’m realizing that I’m a little more stubborn and intolerant of others than I’d like to be. I think one of the major contributing factors to this are some irrational thoughts that I have when it comes to certain situations.

    The reason I am thinking about this is because of a discussion I had yesterday with one of my support groups (and a few I’ve had in the forums here at Addiction to Rehabilitation). I was telling my group about how open I was to receiving help from others when I first went into recovery and about how I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I also told them how some of this has gone away because I tend to resist or “backtrack” when I talk to certain people about 12-step programs and I feel like they are being dogmatic about recovery.After the meeting, I realized that those people weren’t turning me away from 12-step programs. Their attitudes weren’t turning me away either. The responsibility for all of that was on me. I allo I started to think about the ABC’s from the SMART Recovery readings (I HIGHLY recommend reading this short essay on irrational beliefs).

    Thinking about it opened up a lot of other emotions concerning my attitude and how they affect my recovery. I wouldn’t say that they’ve caused me to want to use (even though I still have cravings on a daily basis). But I really think that having these irrational beliefs has been holding me back in making progress in some aspects of my recovery.

    And for some reason, just realizing that I’ve been holding onto these irrational beliefs has helped me out a great deal. I feel like this weight I’ve been carrying on my back has been lifted. I’ve been holding onto a lot (I don’t think I realized how much until now) of negative feelings towards 12-step groups and towards religion during my recovery. I just feel like I can let go of that now. And it feels pretty good.

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