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Just checkin in ….2019-01-04T15:07:05-08:00
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    Great to see everyone again –
    and to see so few posts here
    tells me everyone is doing well… as well?

    SInce ‘winter break’ from school
    I’ve had a massive return of pain
    and stomach problems.

    SO after four years of roller coaster diagnoses,
    and having medications thrown at me
    faster than I could catch…

    …while still hurting and barely able to function
    even in this new higher mobilityenvironment….

    I’ve decided to fire the clinic.

    There’s another clinic here in town
    that is far more expensive
    but I may be able to get in on the new state insurance.

    Well – we shall see what we shall see!

    I’m over this.

    Bst new years wishes to everyone here
    and wondering where the heck y’al are?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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