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    and they’re always rare or uncommon syndromes/symptoms etc..

    I am finally living sober and loving it but all of my health woes are really bringing me down. I suffer from TMJ which in itself can be quite debilitating from time to time but now it may have gotten 100 times worse. Recently I developed the worst sinus cold/flu I have ever had and with that my ears plugged right up and were really awful. I also became dizzy. Now they are constantly buzzing and I feel like I am underwater. The pressure changes are horrific and the buzzing is enough to drive me mad. I also get a thumping in my right ear.

    So I went to my doc today and she said they look good but my inner ears have been affected by the virus. She says it will take time to recover but could not specify a timeline. I left feeling helpless. She didn’t say anything would help but maybe gravol for dizziness NOTHING for buzzing 🙁 and maybe a decongestant to reduce swelling. I forgot to tell her my hearing is sooooo sensitive. Hearing a fork bang against a plate drives me through the roof.

    I will call her tomorrow and let her know that tidbit of information in case it’s serious. It feels serious and I don’t understand why my hearing is sensitive. I can also hear my heart beating in my right ear from time to time.

    Today I took a clonazepam as I just could not deal with another new HORRIBLE symptom (tinnitus), it really brought me down. But what about tomorrow? I NEVER take my benzos but how can I live like this?? I don’t know what to do. Taking those pills scare me as well. Today I also bought 250 mg of magnesium in hopes it would relive some muscle tension.

    Anyways I am sorry this is so long but I don’t understand what is wrong with my body. I am 32 and feel 82. I get achy joints all the time, flu like symptoms of what I think is the flu (3 times in the last month, tho the last one was really a flu) but how can one get so sick so often without it turning into a flu? I get sever rib pain where it hurts to touch and my shoulder blades ache sometimes.

    I have TMJ and tension in my pelvic region from time to time too. I have to be constantly on guard of my tension and where I am holding it. No one seems to know what’s wrong except to say it’s anxiety disorder. I feel like my doctor dismisses everything and it’s terribly upsetting. Personally I pray it is all anxiety disorder cause at least I will know what to do. I just wish I could see a specialist of some sort and lay out every miserable symptom I’ve endured for the last 7 years or so and see what they think..who would that be? a psychiatrist perhaps lol…

    I am tackling my TMJ issue next Saturday by finally seeing a dentist about it and gonna fork out the grand (hopefully less!!) for splint therapy in hopes it will get better.

    Sorry for the book, I just needed to get this off my chest.



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