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    I was curious if anyone here might be taking either of these anti-depressants {“Lexipro” or “Celexia”} and how well they might be working for you, any side effects or other info you would want to share?
    {I can research them online but just wanted to check here first.}

    I have been taking a small, daily prescribed dose of Xanax for years for GAD and various stress related problems which works very well for me.
    However, when discussing it with my DR today asked if he thought this might be a good option for me to try along with the Xanax and he thought it might be.
    I am not really “depressed” persay, but have been having problems with mood changes, trouble sleeping, lethargy, stress and often seem quite scatterbrained and unable to concentrate. Alot of this is due to a current health problem {abdominal pain} that I’ve been dealing with and peri-menopause.
    I plan to try a few other ideas and options first to see if they make any difference but am keeping the anti-depressant in mind if they don’t.

    Any info or thoughts would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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