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    I didn’t know wether to put this in the substance abuse section or not. But I figured more fitness buffs would have an interest in this.

    It’s nothing but the 60 Minutes piece on a cycle team member saying he saw Lance Armstrong Champion cycler long suspected of PEDs(performance enhancing drugs) use PEDs and/or recieve transfusions among other things.

    What stunned me about this piece is the amount of massive enabling or facilitating the team doctors,coaches,trainers and/or administrators were part of. They are not the only sport with a PEDs problem but I felt I was watching the movie Training Day or something. Although it’s ‘seems’ to be ” normal ” behavior on the cycling circut all these individuals made their choices even if not to question things.

    Morale of the story I guess is don’t do things you’ll regret later including cheating and/or use/abuse illegal substances.;cbsCarousel

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