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My husband had a beer.2019-02-24T00:36:54-08:00
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    He is a normie, so I’m not sure why this bothers me. He stopped drinking for religious reasons at the same time I stopped drinking/using before my relapse last week (so almost 5 months ago). The other day, he decided to have a beer. It was just one (well, a 40) but I was jealous that he could drink and I could not. I just want to be normal, or at least have the support he offered in the beginning. He quit partly because of religion and partly to support me, and we had agreed to an alcohol-free house, but he just HAD to have a beer, didn’t care how I felt about it. Now I know I can not let this affect my recovery and all that, and I don’t plan to. Still, it’s a little upsetting because he’s going back on something we agreed on. It matters a lot to me to keep our home alcohol-free, partly because of our religion (which does not condone drinking) and partly because of my substance abuse. I just don’t want alcohol in the house. He knows this. So basically, his desire for a beer was more important than his religious beliefs and more important than my being comfortable in my own home. 🙁

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