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    It has now been a month since my little brother passed away due to overdosing on heroin. I feel like the shock has finally worn off and the grief is now setting in. He started abusing opiate based pills when he was 18. 10 years later he is now dead. It is so final. It so bitter. He was such a good kid. We always loved listening to the newest rap music and watching the basketball game or watching Martial Art fights together. But that was along time ago. The last time I saw him alive was this past Christmas.He was suppose to spend the whole day with me and my family, but 45 minutes after he came over he started hurting for the drug. I couldn’t wait for him to leave. His Birthday was on JAN 31st. I didn’t even call him to wish him a good one.I just didn’t want to deal with it. On FEB 16th I was driving home from work and I got the call. I went to where he was living and the chaplain stopped me at the door. I just couldn’t believe it.He was found dead in a bathroom. For Christ’s sake a bathroom. Dead. He leaves behind a two year old daughter. Come to find out my other Brother and him were drug partners. Shooting 250 dollars a day. How my other brother could do that with our little brother is just beyond me. I also found out he was fresh out of detox.He was trying to get clean.Thanks for the forum.

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