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    my mother passed away tonight….it was peaceful and i was with her for a long time today….she could not communicate as she was in a lot of pain from a cancer and inoperable tumor, they had her on morphine….i think she knew i was there….I told her it was OK to go whenever she was ready, I was OK, she did not have to “worry” about me.

    my mother was 91+ and also was afflicted with advancing alzeimers. I’ve watched her go downhill since was a long battle for both of us, but her disease taught me more patience and gave me insight to a different perspective on how to not lose my temper…i use this new skill a lot, especially in sobriety….i don’t get myself “worked up into a froth”.

    I have been missing my mother for while, but i know she is in a better place with no more physical pain and frustration.:cries3:

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