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    they were unable to put me completely under however due to my apnea. I would get too far down and I would stop breathing, so they had to keep me awake enuff to tell me to breath and they had to tell me that lots I guess. I remember them telling me to breathe and to go to my happy place, I guess I started to sing “Somewhere over the rainbow” They told me no one had ever sang in the dentists chair for them before. They loved it.
    They gave me what appears to be a compression sock with velcro straps that holds 2 ice packs very nicly to strap on my head to ice my face to void swelling and bruising. SO far so good.
    I have a follow up on Wednesday and in 8 weeks will go back to my regular dentist to get the first filling in my remaining teeth.

    Thanks everyone for your support

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