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    For as long as I can remember there was always alcohol around me. My parents drank pretty much every weekend, so at the tender age of 13 I had my first real drink..and boy did I like it!! I continued to drink throughout my teenage years, growing up around it, I thought it was “normal” I was the party girl…good time Liz..where ever I was there was a party! I loved it alcohol made me feel fun, outgoing and free!! I started getting serious with a guy I had been with for many months, then one night we were out partying, he came back to the tent and beat the crap out of me….this was the beginning of a pattern in my life that went on until just a few years ago….My family and I moved out west which was a HUGE move for the monster lay dorment for awhile, I was busy working and trying to make my way in this new place. I didnt drink much for the first 4 years I was out here, then I met this guy and everything changed…fast….. he was a party guy in a band, drinking doing drugs… I picked up where I left off….and never looked back….he abused me, I took him over and over again…I felt I was dirt….and the drinking never stopped….although I tried to “control” it….
    Then March 31,2007 my dear Dad passed away… rock….it’s a hurt I’ve never felt so deep…I spiraled out of control….drinking became my everyday thing…my business was suffering,my relationships were suffering…I drank now not for fun anymore, but to try and drink the pain away….for survival…it just made it all worse…..Then my “awakening” happened….I was pulled over, and charged with a dui….and since that day I have been sober ever since. January 25,2010…Sobriety has brought me so many wonderful gifts…I can now grieve the loss of my Dad, and a way of life that brought me alot of tears but also alot of lessons…. I’ve been in the dark most of my life..and now it’s my turn to walk in light!

    Thank-you all for your friendship and wisdom! xo

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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