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    I just found this part of Addiction to Rehabilitation! I didn’t know it existed (because I never scrolled down all the way – haha!)…but it comes at the perfect time as I’m struggling with the decision to come out to my family – both as a girl who is rather fond of dating other girls (I’ve not yet decided to “call” myself gay or bi, yet…I could go with the old standby of “I don’t like labels” and that’s part of it, but mostly I’m not totally sure I’ve decided yet…all signs point to gay but I figured I’ll figure it out in time) and as an addict/alcoholic. They don’t know about either and both would come as a huge shock. Maybe I’ll just keep them in the dark a little longer…I live over 700 miles away from anyone I’m related to, so it’s not that hard. But now that I’m in recovery from my addictions, I feel like maybe my mom should get to know why she’s been dealing with a seemingly erratic for no reason daughter for all of these years. But I feel like “hey mom, I’m a ‘gay-ish’ alcoholic/addict” would be kind of a lot to handle at once…yeesh.

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