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    Hello Everyone, This is my first Post. I am a gay male living in South Florida, Ive gone to AA/NA meetings off an on, but have never had a sponser or officially worked through the steps. I am starting to finally come to the realization that, maybe that’s why I fall off the wagon every six months. I’ve tried every substance there is, but the one i have a hard time saying no to is meth. I’m just coming off a 110 day clean streak from it, only to of gone out had a few drinks and then end up using. I have learned the hard way that all those things have to go in order for me to be sober. So i thought id give an online community a try, before i start back to going to meetings. I hope I can meet some people on here that can help me navigate my way through this change. There is much more i could say right now, but for my first post, i don’t want to drag it out, until then!

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