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    Hello everyone. Usually I am posting abouit ABF but not tonight. I can across this Forum and thought what the heck it cant hurt. Ok here goes I am deathly afraid of vomiting. Deathly. I have never ben drunk or drank in my life because im scared to puke. I have become obsessed with lysol spray that i buy it in bulk to prevent my family contracting (norovirus) stomach bug. I have ironically had it once in my life at 17 yrs old (never as a child) i am now 26 yrs old. I have researced that drs are in the process of making a vaccine against norovirus. I have 2 children. Last winter they both puked all over me once and i did not get it. My bf did. My point is if i think about it i will have an anxiety attack and a few minutes to hrs later i will begin to feel ill and repeatedly take my temperature. I need help getting over this fear or perhaps finding a way to never get the stomach flu. I am very clean after using the bathroom and bleach is my best friend. I also started working out daily because i heard it helps support a healthy immune system. See, now i am starting to get upset and teary eyed because im scared that i am getting it tonight. Any suggestions besides serious electric shock therapy?

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