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    Hey all,

    Im new to this group, and definitely realizing im an alcoholic…

    I’ve been drinking pretty hard for the past 2 years, having a bottle of wine or more, or 6 beers at night, of which I thought I had in control, as I would occasionally go a day or two without drinking. (seldom)

    Last 5 days, I was on a very heavy binge, as I was in las vegas and pretty much didn’t stop the whole time, along with very little food, and even adderall to stay awake.

    Needless to say, I came home a wreck.

    It’s been two days since I’ve returned, and both days I had to drink 4-6 beers just to ease the pain.

    I’m experiencing serious night sweats, annoying heart racing or palpitations (dont know the difference), shaking hands, and the scariest part is I just don’t feel like I can think clearly and my balance seems off.

    I’m really wanting to kick this stuff for GOOD, cold turkey.

    I equally as much, do not want to go to the doctor.

    Is it more safe for me to ween myself off over the course of a few days, if I’m not planning on going to the doctor. Or should I try to get through tonight with nothing at all.

    I’ve been taking lots of b vitamins and eating lots now with plenty of fluids.

    I’m very thankful for this forum, because I had no idea how harmful this all was to my mind and heart. I appreciate any input.

    I know that no-one understands this better than the other users in this forum.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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