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    i can´t do this..Im tired. I dont know how to be normal. Only to survive.
    I lied to my son. I want to stop. I´m to old to try making this work..It is impossible for me. I don´t know how to do this right. I´m crazy.
    I dont know how to keep in the lines. My face looks sweet and innocent.and inside im tormented. If someone is tormented inside dont you think it is ok to stop. I don´t know or have any feelings towards the worth of my life.
    I would argue and argue because I really believe if someone cant get it right..instead of ending up in a mental place on drugs…or just beong a zombie on drugs..why in the hell should you keep living?’ Just let things go..have a warm feeling through out your bosy and not wake up.. I really dont think there is anything wrong..why put ypur family through the suffering of your hell..myhell.?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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