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    This is my reply to Moose but I did not realize her post was older. Sorry moose.
    I am having some anxiety too about dentists.. last night as I was trying to calm my self down in a panic mode….

    OH MY GOSH. You have no idea. I am having MAJOR anxiety over dentists. I had a panic attack in the dentist chair and forced a dentist to move away from my face as I was in deep panic. He told me to leave his office and come back when I grew up. I was 25.
    I am now almost 50 and I finally went back to a dentist due to a severe toothache that has come and gone since OCT. I found one who understand panic and anxiety he was very kind and gental and after doing a fancy panaramic x-ray, informed me that 4 wisdom teeth plus a molar ( the one causeing all the pain ) will all need to be removed and he wanted me to go to an oral surgan and he knew just the one to send me too.
    My surgery is scheduled for Feb 22.
    I will take one valum the night before and they will give me one an hour before my surgery and then they will put me OUT . I will be totally under and will wake up with 5 less teeth in my mouth.

    my tooth hurts about every 3rd day right now. so far I am able to deal with the pain just using 800mg of motrin.
    feb 22 is so close yet so far away.
    so far only 2 panic attacks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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