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    hi im new here and this is my first post. im 8 months sober, and I deal with alot of anxiety, my biggest obstacle seems to be finding and keeping a job, i seem to have no problem getting a job but as soon as it gets to stressful i seem to get suicidal and quit and drink….its happened my 2 last jobs….so ive been living at my dads house and now. im just real isolated because he doesn’t live here and i moved away from all my recovery friends. my question is can anyone else relate to this? i feel like there is something really wrong with me and i get really really hopeless about any financiall future and being any kind of functioning human being in society. im also dealing w my mother dying on sept 4 of last year, and i almost died in a car wreck the month before i got sober….so i kinda feel safe doing nothing right now? am i being lazy or am i doing this all wrong? i dont reallly know what im doing. any advice is appreciated. thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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