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    Hi all,

    After a hiatus I’m back around these parts again. Long story short:

    • Struggled for the last year personally but have quit drinking / smoking for a little over a week now without much temptation (my issues are deeper-rooted than pure substance abuse, as I suppose most peoples’ are)
    • Due to work-related / heavy familial stress, I’m looking for a therapist to deal with depression / anxiety issues / whatever else is going on in my head
    • Should I go for a Psychologist or Psychiatrist?

    I’m wary about starting with a Psychiatrist as I’d rather identify the core issues with me and utilize natural thought processes / develop coping mechanisms to deal with life rather than being immediately inundated with medication. I’m not opposed to medication as a solution, but given the stress and hours associated with my current job I can’t afford to be “off my game” due to medication unless absolutely necessary. Medical leave could be an option at some point if drugs end up being the only way to go and I need to become acclimated to them.

    As such, I’m leaning towards seeing a Psychologist – but does anyone have any advice how to proceed? Is there a typical length to determine how long “drug free therapy” should go without improvement before I try some medication? Any advice on how to choose a therapist if one has options in the area?

    I’ve been feeling really lonely on this front lately so I’d appreciate any advice you could provide.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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