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    I know it’s verboten to dispense medical advice; I’m just asking for people’s experience and whether anyone is going through the same things.

    I’ve been sober for 5 months, on Paxil for 4 of those months, increasing dosages from 10mg to 40mg today. What I’m wondering is if anyone else on it has felt…just flat. I have no motivation to work, no motivation to do much of anything. I don’t feel bad or depressed. I can easily sleep for 12 hours a day too. I also have a buzzing in my forehead that I thought would have gone away by now.

    My psychiatrist (a new guy, only met once) says that in about one of ten people this happens and that if it persists we can switch to a mix of Wellbutrin/Paxil. Anyone been on this type of mix? Anyone have experience taking Paxil vs. Wellbutrin?


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