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    I guess this is the place to post.

    I was always a chubby kid and teen. My dr put me on ritalin, concerta, adderall ( we switched all over) for a legit learning issue (discalculic & have reading spelling issues if u can’t tell 😉

    This pills naturally curbed my hunger and I was thin for the 1st time in my life. I still ate on them. I just ate less during the day and kinda ate a lot at night – but it evened out my weight.

    Now at 30 I’m off of the meds. – Its just time.

    But Ive been off them for 3 months – and I’m STILL binge eating like crazy. Why did the meds make me not binge eat? What hormones did they supplement or suppress?

    I believe it’s dopamine and endorphins right?

    How can I overcome this without meds? I already excercise daily. but I need help. It’s NOT emotional. It’s VERY VERY hormonal and chemical. How can I fix my broken brain?

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